Through our inspirations and aspirations, we were so excited about producing a culinary concept that will become the destination of choice for families and friends in Sudan… We really miss those good old days where happiness, warmth, and great tastes were all shared at every meal hour.

Just to escape all the headaches of the fast paced stressful lifestyles we have come to, we realized that we had to carefully design the remedy, which we called Al Housh.

We provide the ultimate dining model where everyone can experience much of a deserved comfort coupled with great tastes that are perfectly cooked to order. From the minute you walk in, you become part of our family. We even take your experience a bit further as we induced a traditional market look and feel presented in 25 different stalls holding the finest ingredients.

On the occasions of many infinite nights, the harmonious view of the Nile, enhanced by the spirits elevating simplified interior, everyone is guaranteed of their right to a relaxing afternoon, great tastes, and the missed warmth of a bonded family .